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Scott N. Davis 

After 14 years as an attorney working on behalf of corporate clients and insurance companies, attorney Scott N. Davis made a big decision in 2018. He’d had enough of working for big companies and set out to instead serve individuals and families in need.

Following a distinguished career in the U.S. Air Force, Scott began practicing law in Tennessee in 2004 at a firm that defended corporations and insurance companies against claims brought by injured individuals. He tried more than 200 cases in court.

“But finally, something clicked and I decided, ‘I just can’t do this anymore,’” he recalls.

By joining Burnette Dobson & Pinchak Scott  brings a deep knowledge of the insurance industry to BDP – a valuable tool for helping clients achieve the outcomes they deserve.

“Fourteen years of experience in the insurance industry really did teach me a lot,” Scott says. “I can view a case and I know exactly what the other side is going to say about it. I know where they’re going to look for weaknesses and what they’re going to try to defend – but I also know their soft spots.”

For a number of years before he became a practicing attorney in Tennessee, Scott combined an Air Force career with his studies. After high school, he enrolled at the University of Tennessee in 1983, but then decided to join the Air Force in 1986. He was sent to the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in California, where he took an intensely immersive course in German and Russian and was then deployed as an airborne cryptologic linguist along the borders of East Germany and the Soviet Union.

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, those services were no longer needed and Scott quit active service and returned to the University of Tennessee to complete his undergraduate studies. He graduated magna cum laude in 1991 with a degree in economics. It was there where he met his future wife, Katrina. The two of them enrolled together at the University of Georgia School of Law, where they received their law degrees three years later.

Scott then went back into the Air Force, where he was deployed as a Judge Advocate General at the Hurlburt Field Special Operations Command, where he gained valuable experience prosecuting a number of courts martial and administrative discharge hearings in military court.

Due to his background as a cryptologic linguist, Scott was then assigned to the Air Force’s Battlestaff Training School, where he taught JAGs how to support the generals in charge of the air war and showing the generals the value of utilizing their JAGs.

He left the Air Force in 1998 and began doing criminal defense work in Georgia, before moving to Tennessee six years later to practice insurance defense work.

His current practice encompasses all types of personal injury plaintiff’s cases, including auto and truck accidents, premises liability, workplace injuries, and workers’ compensation.

“It’s nice to be working with people who need me,” he says. “The clients we get often don’t have six months — or three months – savings, and when bad things happen they’re in bad shape and they need help.”

When asked to describe how his representation of clients, Scott answers with one word: “Service.”

It’s a word that can describe a large share of Scott’s life. He was a Boy Scout and Eagle Scout and comes from a family where the men consider military service an obligation. He has coached his kids’ youth sports teams and has taught morning math at his daughter’s school.

“I believe in serving people and helping people,” Scott says. “It’s just the way I was raised.”

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