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The process of transferring wealth from one generation to the next can be complicated. At Burnette, Dobson & Pinchak our probate and estate administration attorneys have extensive experience helping clients work through these difficulties to find a solution that works for them.

Why YOU should always have a will:

YOU decide how your Estate will be distributed
YOU decide who will take care of your minor children
YOU decide at what age your children should receive assets
YOU decide what conditions must be met in order to receive assets
YOU decide who will be the Executor of your Estate to carry out your wishes   


Probate is a legal process by which a persons debts are settled and legal title to
their property is transferred to beneficiaries.  

We help personal representatives, administrators, and executors work through this system to accomplish an efficient and accurate distribution of assets. Our attention to detail and substantial experience in probate matters allows us to work quickly and handle an estate properly.

Executor presents the will to the court

Letters Testamentary are issued, letting the Executor conduct business of the Estate.

  Collection, Inventory appraisal of assets (if required by the will)

Payment of debts, Funeral expenses

Creditors must file claims by certain deadlines

Remainder of assets disposed of in accordance with the will or the Laws of Intestacy



At Burnette, Dobson & Pinchak, our estate litigation lawyers handle disputes in estate planning matters and probate. We handle will contests, cases of undue influence, the breach of a fiduciary duty, mishandled trusts, and violations by personal representatives, trustees, executors, and administrators. If you need an attorney to help you deal with trustee misconduct, improper will administration, or another estate litigation problem, contact us immediately at (423) 266-2121 to schedule a consultation.


Tell Us Briefly About Your Case

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