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#metoo & Workplace Sexual Harassment in Tennessee

With the increase in media awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace, people are becoming more willing to speak up, especially through social media using the #metoo.

It is important for victims of workplace sexual harassment to know that while there is no time limit on when someone can speak out on social media, the law does impose time limits for individuals who wish to pursue legal action. There are a number of time limits (45 days, 6 months, 300 days, 1 year) that may apply to your legal claim. Further, when you were hired, your employer may have required you to sign an agreement shortening your time limit. It is therefore critical that you seek legal counsel very quickly if you wish to pursue legal action.

It is also important for victims of workplace harassment to promptly report the harassment to their supervisor or a member of the human resources department. In certain cases, employers have a defense to a sexual harassment claim when victims fail to report the harassment. Moreover, by reporting sexual harassment, employers are afforded an opportunity to correct the harassment.

If you are the victim of workplace sexual harassment in Tennessee, contact Burnette Dobson & Pinchak today to schedule an appointment to speak with one of our attorneys who is experienced in handling sexual harassment claims.

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